Monday, December 14, 2009


Also, I wanted to talk about how in all likelihood this is entirely unlikely. I know Jayda is probably the only one that is ever going to read this. I mean the probability that she reads this is phenomenal. Consider, for instance, that 60% of illiterates in the world are women (which is depressing really). The odds of even being able to read are already against her merely reading this. About 17% of the worlds population speaks English so the odds that she can understand the language is even more dismal. If you take into account that life began about 3 to 4 billion years ago and that modern humans arrived on the scene about 2.5 million years ago and that average species exists for only four million years and only .01 percent of life has persisted to this day (that means 99.99% of all species have gone extinct). The odds we are alive at all is amazing. The odds that me and her be born here and now is astronomical. Considering that we were born at all is a miracle considering that the average human life last for about 650,000 hours. There is even less time available if you want to reproduce. The odds that her and I's ancestors managed to find one another in this short window of time and reproduce is dumbfounding. We are both the beneficiaries of impeccable timing along our entire evolutionary line. Also, if you were condense the entire of human existence into one hour computers and the internet would have arrived in a fraction of the final second. So the fact we have computers to communicate on is again mind-numbingly improbable.
I have no idea why I even bothered to say this lol.


I don't really have all that much to say. I want to go around this place and get internet wherever I want but I can't. I have been reading a lot more than I ever have before which is a good thing. I like books that have to do with food and foodstuffs. I recently read An Edible History of Humanity and a History of the World in 6 Glasses. I found out why its impolite to ask for sugar and instead you must wait to be offered a spoon or lump of sugar for your tea or coffee. I figured out why Napoleon and Alexander the Great were so successful. I also read a book by Kurt Vonnegut called A Man Without a Country and got a real appreciation for Abraham Lincoln quotes. I read a book called State by State A Panoramic Portrait of America which was really good too. I read a book called Beer in America: The Early Years. I also read a book called Noble Obsession which is about Charles Goodyear. Did you know that Goodyear tires has nothing to do with Charles Goodyear? Its funny because unless Goodyear tires decided to use Goodyear's name none one would even recognize it... Goodyear was undoubtedly obsessed by rubber an obsession that would drive his family into poverty and himself into debtors prison. Debtors prison is a horrible thing, be glad they don't exist in America today. The debtor had to stay in prison for as long as those who were owned wanted to pay the fee required to feed and clothe the poor bastard. An employee once brought a case against his employer for not paying him. He was black so he lost and the employer demanded court fees as well did the court. Having not been PAID by his EMPLOYER he couldn't AFFORD to pay so he was locked up in debtors prison. I think it was for twenty years... I don't think the word "noble" was used appropriately because in hindsight its easy to say what a great man he was. But his family suffered and many of his children died. I think its because they were poor and couldn't give their children what they deserved... The accidental discovery of vulcanization--a term that wasn't actually coined by Goodyear--didn't bring the success Goodyear was hoping for. You might remember hearing about Goodyear dropping a sulfur covered piece of rubber on a stove to find it was impervious to heat or cold. Its odd that this happened by accident because replicating it is extremely difficult even today vulcanizing rubber remains difficult. Anyway those are some books I read in brief.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I was reading the wiki page for a game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in this game there is an entity called "C-consciousness." Basically C-consciousness is a "hive mind" or a collection of individual minds thinking as if they were one. This got me thinking, pooling the brain power of many individuals would produce a more intelligent entity, right? Thinking of an ants or bees which consist of thousands of individuals that act together as a single organism. A lone bee is unable to fend for itself without the hive which it depends on for security, food and reproduction. The same goes for ants. Together they are strong but divided they are weak. Could the same principle be applied to intelligence? After all as the saying goes: "two heads are better than one." But conversely a single ant or bee is insignificant and even dispensable to the mass as a whole. Bees for instance die after delivering a sting. They sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the whole. Individuality is second to the swarm. So if a share consciousness did exist would joining this entity strip you of individuality? Thinking of Minority Report a sci-fi flick in which three individual psychics are united in a hive mind to amplify their abilities to see into the future. They use these three to foresee murders before they even take place, making preemptive arrests for "future" murders. The problem is they don't always agree and when one see things differently the other two overrule her (these events are termed "minority reports" which leads to false arrests). Also like an ant or a bee would you become dependent on the union for your own survival? With your individuality--one of the the only things we do have--stripped away could you revert back? I doubt it. Basically if anyone comes around asking you to meld minds be wary.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Righteous" man.

I was sitting in class watching a documentary about one of those christian fundamentalist churches. Honestly I'm not religious, I don't attend church and I haven't read the bible since philology tore it apart in the 18th century. Any way, the minister was giving a rather passionate sermon about how evolution is wrong and the bible will save your from your sins. When one of those self fulfilled Micheal Moore types starts snickering with amusement about how stupid these people are. He starts saying how anyone that believes this is a moron and that creationism is utterly retarded. Basically he was saying any religious person was either ignorant or to stupid to realize the "facts."
Sounds like a heaping spoonful of ethnocentric righteousness to me. What bothers me most, is the confidence and parental attitude he held towards these people. I don't think he understands the facts. Mankind has produced untold numbers of beautiful social inventions such as art, ethics, mythology, religion, food all the folkways and mores. All lost under the flag of science. The Western armies of "open-minded" and "educated" have trampled and discarded these ingenious social inventions of mankind replacing them instead with "rational" and "correct" ways of thinking. Think about the Native Americans those 10% that didn't die of disease were forced to watch their cultures throat pressed under the boot of Western civilization. Imperialism, capitalism and eugenics I mean do I need to say more? And on the whole creationism being wrong perhaps he should look into intelligent design theory. The odds of a protein forming are more astronomical than one may think. Proteins consist of amino acids in a combination of twenty six must arrange in order. A simple protein is a specific arrangement hundred and six amino acids. So the odds that twenty six amino acids arrange, in specific order, to make a simple protein is about 1 in approximately all the atoms of the universe. In addition, which came first the mitochondria (contains its own separate "alien" DNA and essential as the "power plant" of the cell) and the cell itself (contains its own DNA and essential for guarding mitochondria from the environment) without one or the other neither would exist so... which came first?

Basically, fuck that guy hes just as bad as the bible toting fundamentalist he mocks. Tirade over.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What the fuck is up with 123abc?

I was pressed for time and it rhymed. Moving on. This will be the first post in a very probable series of diminishing posts. As of this moment I'm telling myself "o yeah dude your totally gonna do this" but lets face it probably not. This idea along with so many before it have fatigued fell behind and been devoured, no doubt, by Steven Kings "langoleirs." Hopefully though with some strength training and encouragement this could go on and survive the langoleirs.