Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Righteous" man.

I was sitting in class watching a documentary about one of those christian fundamentalist churches. Honestly I'm not religious, I don't attend church and I haven't read the bible since philology tore it apart in the 18th century. Any way, the minister was giving a rather passionate sermon about how evolution is wrong and the bible will save your from your sins. When one of those self fulfilled Micheal Moore types starts snickering with amusement about how stupid these people are. He starts saying how anyone that believes this is a moron and that creationism is utterly retarded. Basically he was saying any religious person was either ignorant or to stupid to realize the "facts."
Sounds like a heaping spoonful of ethnocentric righteousness to me. What bothers me most, is the confidence and parental attitude he held towards these people. I don't think he understands the facts. Mankind has produced untold numbers of beautiful social inventions such as art, ethics, mythology, religion, food all the folkways and mores. All lost under the flag of science. The Western armies of "open-minded" and "educated" have trampled and discarded these ingenious social inventions of mankind replacing them instead with "rational" and "correct" ways of thinking. Think about the Native Americans those 10% that didn't die of disease were forced to watch their cultures throat pressed under the boot of Western civilization. Imperialism, capitalism and eugenics I mean do I need to say more? And on the whole creationism being wrong perhaps he should look into intelligent design theory. The odds of a protein forming are more astronomical than one may think. Proteins consist of amino acids in a combination of twenty six must arrange in order. A simple protein is a specific arrangement hundred and six amino acids. So the odds that twenty six amino acids arrange, in specific order, to make a simple protein is about 1 in approximately all the atoms of the universe. In addition, which came first the mitochondria (contains its own separate "alien" DNA and essential as the "power plant" of the cell) and the cell itself (contains its own DNA and essential for guarding mitochondria from the environment) without one or the other neither would exist so... which came first?

Basically, fuck that guy hes just as bad as the bible toting fundamentalist he mocks. Tirade over.

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