Monday, December 14, 2009


Also, I wanted to talk about how in all likelihood this is entirely unlikely. I know Jayda is probably the only one that is ever going to read this. I mean the probability that she reads this is phenomenal. Consider, for instance, that 60% of illiterates in the world are women (which is depressing really). The odds of even being able to read are already against her merely reading this. About 17% of the worlds population speaks English so the odds that she can understand the language is even more dismal. If you take into account that life began about 3 to 4 billion years ago and that modern humans arrived on the scene about 2.5 million years ago and that average species exists for only four million years and only .01 percent of life has persisted to this day (that means 99.99% of all species have gone extinct). The odds we are alive at all is amazing. The odds that me and her be born here and now is astronomical. Considering that we were born at all is a miracle considering that the average human life last for about 650,000 hours. There is even less time available if you want to reproduce. The odds that her and I's ancestors managed to find one another in this short window of time and reproduce is dumbfounding. We are both the beneficiaries of impeccable timing along our entire evolutionary line. Also, if you were condense the entire of human existence into one hour computers and the internet would have arrived in a fraction of the final second. So the fact we have computers to communicate on is again mind-numbingly improbable.
I have no idea why I even bothered to say this lol.

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