Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rabble rabble bitch bitch

Topic: FOOD. Reason: Because. Eyes: Direct them downward.

This is the clearest visual representation I've found that really shows the reason our diets are so well... bad. Also it shows a striking contradiction in our diet availability verses your diet actualities. We've all been hungry, strapped for cash and dreaming of a steamy Mc-Chicken with freakish mushy meat of varying colors covered in pepper, salt and mayo. Its only a fucking dollar! Or a Mc-Double the history of which I will take some time to discuss. The double cheese burger--as you might remember--was formerly a dollar menu item. Two patties of (meat?) with two slices of (cheese?) ketchup, mustard, diced onion and two pickles. Rising costs of bread (nearly 25%), meat (4%), cheese (nearly 7%) saw profits dipping into the red. So the Mc-double was created; taking after its double cheese burger its exactly the same minus one slice of cheese. Apparently this lonely slice is a difference of ruffly 20 cents.

I'm getting off track... here's a link to a study that found portion sizes increasing relative to head size in art from 1000 to 2000.


Also, I'm thinking about boycotting abc news for possibly giving 200,000 to a women charged with murdering her own child in exchange for guaranteed coverage of the court case! WTF ABC!!

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  1. Wow this makes no sense. I went into this trying to explain why a dollar menu is possible. And that, thanks to federal subsidies, foods that we shouldn't have so much of are what consititute the majority of our diet. After using ABC as a source I found an article about them at the NY Times. I guess I wanted to include that.