Monday, January 11, 2010


I was thinking about communism today and centralized government. I was thinking of comparisons between communism and capitalism. I then thought of a neat photograph of the planet at night. You can see all the light made from the the street lamps, office buildings and cars. So I looked at North Korea (communist/publicly owned means of production) and South Korea (democratic/free market economy) and the difference is staggering.

I cant think of a better visual aid and demonstration of the triumph of capitalism over communism. I mean just look at how bright South Korea is and how dark and dead North Korea is! (If your no good at geography Japan is on the far right and just about touching South Korea. The boarder of South Korea is where the lights end and the darkness of North Korea begins) This difference between the two countries and the brilliant contrast of progress it highlights is almost poetic. You can literally see the difference!

I cannot believe that people actually consider communism/socialism as a practicality when ever practical example has proven it to be a mere novelty of thought.

Also, I cut the little picture there from a map I found on check it out its really cool!

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